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Philly's Their Game
Many Philadelphians have a love/hate relationship with the city's skinny-pants-wearing hipsters. And most harbor a strong opinion about the behavior of local bicyclists. (They're going to kill someone! They are role models for limiting gas consumption!) But there's one thing most locals will agree upon, especially Web-savvy ones: The two make for a lovable combination in a soon-to-be released iPhone application called Hipster City Cycle... [ Read More ]

NYTIMES: City Room
Elsewhere, Prolly Is Not Probably likes a lo-fi video game in which hipster cyclists pedal through an 8-bit version of Philadelphia with recognizable streets and local landmarks. If this is not happening already, someone should create a "Hipster City Cycle" for New York A.S.A.P. [ Read More ]

Philly Hipsters Create Pixelated Version Of Their Lives
It's an homage to the what the game's creators call the "under-appreciated yet iconic, sprawling yet familiar, ugly yet beautiful" city of Philadelphia, and it looks like a Philly-specific Emo Game that graduated from high school and started listening to better music when it got to college...
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Shop Talk: The DIY game-makers of Port127
Much has been written about the mass exodus of the city's video game talent from Drexel and Penn as most students studying the digital arts usually lament the lack of job options and leave town. The guys at Port127 decided they'd at least put up a fight. The company is led by Penn Digital Design-grad and video game film maker Michael Highland. The company's other employees are made up of freelancers, most with ties to the University of Pennsylvania...
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